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Beyond Academic Programs For All Ages

Whether your child wants to learn a new skill or significantly improve their college application, our beyond academic programs are the perfect fit for you. With a focus on "doing" rather than just "learning", students work towards building and executing capstone projects with 1:1 mentoring.

Tangible Learning Outcomes

Every program in the beyond academic section has a tangible capstone project. These projects motivate the students to work towards a goal and add to their college resumes. Our students have:

Book Publishing
Published books and poetry anthologies

Album Release
Released music albums on
Spotify and SoundCloud

Research Publishing
Worked with professors from Georgetown and MIT on a paper

Panel Talk
Taken part in panel talks
around various topics

Portfolio Build
Build and present a stock portfolio to VPs from Goldman

Mobile App Launch
Built apps from scratch
and launched it in the App Store

Design Portfolio
Created digital art portfolios using Adobe Illustrator

Podcast Launch
Planned and launched
their own podcast
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What is Unique about our Beyond Academic Programs?
Tangible Outcomes
Custom Projects
Beginner Friendly
Competitive Advantage
Unique Opportunities
Tangible Outcomes
Custom Projects
Beginner Friendly
Competitive Advantage
Meet Some of Our Beyond Academic Educators

Our Educators are experienced in the programs they lead and come with several years of experience delivering results. This is our secret sauce to ensure that your child has all their projects executed diligently.

8+ years of experience as a
Passion Project Educator

6+ years of experience as a
College Mentor

2+ years of experience as a
Theater Coach

16+ years of experience as an
ICT Educator
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