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Writing is a fundamental skill that translates across all careers and fields. To be able to write is to be able to think. This program is designed to introduce students to the art of writing. They will explore various types, from narrative writing to research papers. The learner will also get a chance to publish their piece.

Our Program Results


Articles Published
on Online Platforms


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Writing by Our Students


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Tangible Outcomes

Certificate of
At the end of the program, students will receive a certificate of completion.

A Personal
Portfolio of Writing
Students will be able to create a collection of their articles to showcase their work.

A Published
Students get the chance to publish their article online on our platform.
Our Blog Writing Program Curriculum



Publish on
Our Voice

Our Voice is Ascend Now’s publishing platform on Medium. Each article in Our Voice is written by a budding writer who yearns to express themselves and have their opinions heard.

What is Unique about our Blog Writing Programs?
Tangible Outcomes
Custom Projects
Beginner Friendly
Competitive Advantage
Unique Opportunities
Tangible Outcomes
Custom Projects
Beginner Friendly
Competitive Advantage
Meet Some of Our Blog Writing Coaches

Our coaches help students discover their specific interests, expand their knowledge base and explore all the possibilities that exist. Their main goal is to provide students with the tools that will enhance their communication skills and benefit their future endeavors.

20+ years of experience teaching
English, Language Acquisition and Writing

7+ years of experience teaching
English Language and History

10+ years of experience teaching
English Language and Literature

6+ years of experience teaching
English Language and Literature
Here’s What Parents Have to Say

Help Your Child Start a Blog Today with Ascend Now

At Ascend Now, the Blog Writing for Kids program helps promote reading and writing and motivates kids. It stimulates their creativity by expressing themselves. Blogging allows kids to hone the craft of writing and also helps in honing core life skills. Primarily, this includes creating an outlet for and expressing emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a more articulate way.

Tailored to suit each kid’s needs, Ascend Now’s Blog Writing for Kids is a fun and interactive program designed to teach kids how to read and write better. It helps them learn how to create content and publish the same. It is suitable and recommended for kids between the ages of 11-17.

Benefits of Ascend Now's Blog Writing for Kids Program

At Ascend Now, we have created an engaging and immersive blog writing program. It aims to sharpen your kids’ language skills from a perspective of reading, writing, and comprehension. It also assists them in building a portfolio for applying to future internships and programs. Blogging allows kids to brainstorm and generate ideas. When children own their blogging space, they begin to generate ideas. They also learn to read up and research to understand what they can talk about.

Through the course, kids will gain access to –

  • 1-1 coaching with industry experts: Coaches will understand the needs and expectations of students by working closely with them and their parents.
  • Personalised Learning: Ascend Now follows a personalised learning model where the assigned mentor understands each kid’s needs. It allows the mentor to determine the best course of action to suit a child’s learning style. 
  • Flexible Schedule: Our mentors create flexible schedules to accommodate each kid’s personal and educational goals.
  • Demo Class: We offer a demo class to students so that they can review their assigned educator’s teaching approach. If the student believes the match is not a perfect fit, we make a new match and revise the learning method.

Ascend Now’s Blog Writing for Kids program will help your kids read, discuss, and draft the technical components of a blog. It lets them understand how to construct blogs intelligently. Under the guidance of our trainers, kids get to learn about different writing styles. It equips them with the necessary skills to write future SOPs and essays for their college applications.

Blogging is a Core Life Skill

Ascent Now’s blog writing program also encourages kids to proofread and edit a piece of writing. It also teaches them how to express themselves in an impactful and purposeful manner. By signing up, kids learn how to use appropriate words for expression and articulate themselves personally and professionally.

With Ascend Now, give your kids a chance to express their thoughts to the world through words. Empower them with strong vocabulary and blog writing skill.


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