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Our Coding for Kids Program

Understanding and writing code is the future! Our coaches are experts in the field of full-stack development, app development and website building. Students will also be exposed to various programming languages (including Python) and the merits and demerits of each one.

Our Program Results


Apps Developed


Users Reached


Countries Present


Games Developed

Tangible Outcomes

Certificate of
At the end of the program students will receive a certificate of completion.

Write your first
Piece of Coding
Students will learn about the different coding languages.

Develop your
first App
Student will get the chance to create their first app using their learned skills.
Our Coding for Kids Program Curriculum



Launch your first App or Website

Students will launch their app into the Play Store and Apple Store. Or launch their website online. They will have the opportunity to further develop their app and get feedback from users.

What is Unique about our Coding for Kids Programs?
Tangible Outcomes
Custom Projects
Beginner Friendly
Competitive Advantage
Amazing Opportunities
Tangible Outcomes
Custom Projects
Beginner Friendly
Competitive Advantage
Meet Some of Our Coding for Kids Coaches

Our coaches are experts at challenging kids to do their best while assuring they have the best learning experience. These coaches are committed to seeing their students take their ideas to fruition and creating products that are both functional and easy to use.

4+ years of experience in
Coding and Web Development

2+ years of experience teaching
Coding and Web Development

5+ years of experience teaching
Computer Science

9+ years of experience teaching
Computer Science and Robotics
Here’s What Parents Have to Say

Teach Your Child the Language of the Future - Coding for Kids with Ascend Now

Tools and technology are more relevant than ever in today’s digital age. The future belongs to those with the skills to handle new-age technologies like Web3, Metaverse, and cryptocurrency. This makes it important for kids to get an early start concerning coding.

The Coding for Kids program by Ascend Now aims to create a foundation to help kids pick up code. It imparts practical knowledge to help your kids build the next most useful technology or application. 

Built in a way that suits your child’s needs, Ascend’s Now’s Coding for Kids program is taught in an immersive and multi-disciplinary manner. It helps kids feel actively engaged. It also supports their creative thinking and reasoning and improves their concentration.

Benefits of Ascend Now's Coding for Kids Program

Ascend Now’s expert mentors believe that coding is the language of the future. Kids who pick up this skill early are more likely to develop the necessary skills required to be job ready. Coding has multiple benefits. It fosters logical thinking. It allows kids to break down or decompose the components of tasks and problems into smaller aspects. It further helps them to understand how to approach complex tasks. 

From nurturing explorative thinking to helping kids brainstorm and conceptualize ideas, the Coding program helps kids explore their creative interests. At Ascend Now, the coding program encourages kids to think structurally and algorithmically while developing life skills like patience and resilience. Our mentors make subjects like mathematics more understandable for kids. They teach kids hard and core soft skills such as focus, communication, listening, and organization. The trainers keep the learners entirely and positively engaged. 

Through the Coding for Kids program, students will gain access to –

  • 1-1 coaching with industry experts: Coaches will understand the needs and expectations of students by working closely with them and their parents.
  • Personalized Learning: Ascend Now follows a personalized learning model where the assigned mentor understands each kid’s needs. It allows the mentor to determine the best course to suit a child’s learning style. 
  • Flexible Schedule: Our mentors create flexible schedules to accommodate each kid’s personal and educational goals.
  • Demo Class: We offer a demo class to students so that they can review their assigned educator’s teaching approach. If the student believes the match is not perfect, we make a new match and revise the learning method.

Ascend Now truly believes that introducing your kids to the world of coding and programming has many benefits. Coding empowers kids to become future-ready and inspires them to engage with and embrace tools and technology in creative and innovative ways.

Coding is a Future Skill Your Kids Should Have

Our Coding for Kids program has more benefits other than run-of-the-mill educational ones. It develops perseverance and resourcefulness in kids, which are necessary to work through challenging situations and reach a satisfactory conclusion. This strategy for addressing challenges works well in all facets of life. 

Coding is extremely important for young minds. Enroll your kids in the Coding program with Ascend Now today.


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