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Our Youth Entrepreneurship Programs

Our Youth Entrepreneurship Programs fit any learner aged 7-18. The programs encompass a comprehensive coaching system devised by seasoned entrepreneurs. The learners will go through all the stages of entrepreneurship, from ideation and brainstorming to final execution.

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The Ascend Now Entrepreneurship Curriculum for Kids

A competition where learners will pitch and defend their business ideas in front of investors, to stand a chance to win seed funding.

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Meet Our Kid Entrepreneurship Program Coaches

Our coaches of Youth Entrepreneurship programs come with years of entrepreneurial experience. Their diverse backgrounds enrich our kidpreneurs' experience and provide them with a broad range of insight into possible business ventures.

5+ years of experience as an
A Level Economics Educator

4+ years of experience as a Songwriter, Entrepreneur
and Entrepreneurship Coach

8+ years of experience as a
Designer, Anthropologist and
Entrepreneurship Coach

19+ years of experience teaching
Business and Investing
Here’s What Parents Have to Say

Entrepreneurship for Kids

Explore – Discover – Think

Isn’t every parent’s dream to encourage their child to explore the world, discover their strengths, and think critically? While traditional book-based knowledge is important for children to grasp the basics, it’s also important to expand horizons and gain practical experience from a very young age. Kids get that competitive winning edge through entrepreneurship programs. They begin to see possibilities, think more holistically, and accept failure positively as a learning mechanism.

At Ascend Now, we truly believe in helping kids unlock their entrepreneurial potential. We aim to take kids through our specially curated two-level program to help them grasp how modern business works. The course covers ideation, brainstorming, branding, decision-making, design, etc.

Entrepreneurship Program for Kids

Ascend Now believes that formal and professional education must be supplemented with the necessary skills and values for children to gain confidence. They should think about economic impact, trade, commerce, social change, etc. while aiming to launch and scale their business ideas.

The entrepreneurship program for kids at Ascend Now encompasses a comprehensive coaching system devised by seasoned entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are experts in their industries, have excelled at executing business plans, and have mentored and advised budding entrepreneurs.

The curriculum of the Entrepreneurship For Kids program is intensive. Here, kids are taught how to build their businesses from scratch. They are taught how to make strategies for marketing, sales, and finance. The curriculum covers core topics inspired by real-life business cases and scenarios.

Through the program, kids have a twofold advantage. These are:

  • Coaches understand the needs and expectations of students by working closely with them.
  • Kids gain business-centric knowledge and leadership skills, become technologically adept, and develop interpersonal relationships.

Ascend Now follows a personalized learning model where the assigned mentor understands each kid’s needs. It helps them determine the best course of action to suit their learning styles. The schedule is flexible to accommodate each kid’s personal and educational goals.

The Level 1 Entrepreneurship Curriculum gives kids a glimpse into the life of an entrepreneur. It prepares them not just to build hyperscale businesses, but also to cultivate an innovative and creative problem-solving mindset.

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Become a Kidpreneur

Learning doesn’t just come from books; it also comes from the life that happens outside the classroom. These days, parents are eager to teach their child life skills and help them find their way out of any adverse situation or complexity – especially professionally. Ascend Now’s Entrepreneurship for Kids program focuses on honing these skills in kids.

Children learn to grasp key business principles through a solid foundation by witnessing real-life business scenarios and case examples. Another advantage of becoming a kidpreneur is that kids learn how to collaborate and compete with other talented young entrepreneurs and get inspired by each other.

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