In this fun and engaging session, we teach you the secrets to turning dry research into a page-turner that will have your audience begging for more. We cover everything from how to hook your readers with a killer introduction, to crafting a strong thesis statement, to organizing your research into a logical flow.

So, whether you’re a student, a researcher, or just someone who wants to improve their writing skills, this webinar is for you. By the end of it, you’ll have a toolkit of techniques to help you write research that is not only informative, but also captivating and enjoyable to read.


Students will learn:
  • Where to start my research?
  • Organising my research
  • Reliable vs unreliable information
  • Synthesising information and forming my own conclusions
  • Speakers



    BA in Psychology, MA candidate in Counseling Psychology, and a graduating Medical Doctor
    I am Michel, a young psychologist (and a future physician). I currently work as a project co-ordinator in a consultancy and traning firm for civil society organizations. My education and work is integrating biology, medical sciences, psychology and social studies in both serving individuals and communities. This approach is integrated in my practice (as an intern clinician), education (as a university teaching assistant), and as a project co-ordinator working with various communities.


    Ph.D. in Education, MBA, BS in Marketing and Management
    With over 20 years of experience in all areas of higher education, I am an entrepreneur, educator, administrator, and coach. Over the years, I have dedicated my attention to assisting team members and graduates to become skilled individuals from a career standpoint. It will be difficult to overcome obstacles if you don't believe in yourself. It is my responsibility to become a better leader, to learn more, and to help individuals become the best version of themselves that they can be.


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