Are you about to sit for your IB Math AI exams? Or are you wondering about the most efficient way to ace IB Math AI exams? The best way to start is by equipping yourself with IB Math AI past papers and practicing them.

As a student in search of the best way to begin studying for your IB Math AI exams, this article details the right steps to take and also includes a series of past papers from different years.

A lot of students feel anxious as a big exam approaches. It’s only natural; anxiety usually comes from fear of the unknown when the stakes seem high: What will be on the test? Will I be prepared for the questions I’ll face? Will my grade reflect my potential?

Using past papers to prepare for your IB Mathematics exam is the best thing you can do to combat that pre-exam anxiety and prepare yourself to ace your exams! Keep scrolling for downloadable links to Official IB Math AI Past Papers to supercharge your studying.

2021 IB Math AI HL Papers PDF Download

The IB Math AI HL is the most rigorous mathematics course offered by the IB. It is suited for students who excel in math and are interested in pursuing quantitative disciplines after high school such as engineering, economics, and other STEM courses.

Students in the IB Math AI HL are assessed using 3 Papers. (Papers are the IB’s word for exams.)

  • Paper 1: 30%, 120 minutes. No Calculator. Short/Long Response.
  • Paper 2: 30%. 120 minutes. Calculator. Short/Long Response.
  • Paper 3: 20%. 60 minutes. Calculator. 2 Long Problems.

IB Math Application and Interpretation higher level is one of the four courses  program. This course requires extensive knowledge of advanced mathematical concepts. Our past papers are updated according to the latest IB Math AI curriculum. 

Below are the links to the 2021 past examination papers for IB Math Application and Interpretation HL. Along with the past papers themselves, we’ve also provided answer sheets and detailed solutions with each past paper.

IB Math AI SL Papers 2021

IB Math AI Standard Level is intended for students who are intermediate at math and are interested in studying courses involving math after high school. The IB Math AI SL involves around 90 fewer hours of material than the IB Math AI HL. Papers for the Math AI SL have easier questions covering less challenging concepts compared to the Higher Level course. If you practice regularly and make good use of these past papers, a 6 or 7 should be quite attainable! 

Students in the IB Math AI SL are assessed using 2 Papers:

  • Paper 1: 40%, 90 minutes. No Calculator. Short/Long Response.
  • Paper 2: 40%. 90 minutes. Calculator. Short/Long Response.

Below are the links to the 2021 past examination papers for IB Math Application and Interpretation SL.

Nov 2021 Paper 1

Nov 2021 Paper 2 

Frequently Asked Questions

Still need clarity? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about IB Math AI past papers:

Why aren’t there more past papers?

Since the new IB math curriculum went into effect in 2021, there are only two-years-worth of official past papers. Each year, exams take place in May, and there are makeups in November. For the May exams, the IB produces two versions of exam papers so that students in different timezones cannot leak questions to each other. For the November exam, there is just one version. As a result, the only official past papers available as of now are the two versions in May of 2021 and May of 2022, as well as the single version from November of 2021.

How can I use past papers effectively?

Try taking the past papers as a full-length practice test. Then, examine how you performed on the test, and work to strengthen your weak areas.

Past papers give you practice solving the same types of questions you’ll face on your exam. They’ll also help you practice your time management so you don’t leave any question unanswered on the big day. Finally, you can use the Answer Sheets and Detailed Solutions to make sure you’re not only reaching the right answer, but you’re also adequately showing your work and using the right techniques to unlock maximum points!

Is it good to study past papers?

Official past papers give you the most accurate sense of the actual exam you’ll face. Exam preparation must include solving past papers because it helps keep your revision on track and also shows you where you stand. That said, since the IB introduced a new math curriculum and new papers in 2021, there are only a handful of official past papers. For that reason, we recommend saving these to take as full-length practice exams rather than using them for casual studying. 

If you sign up for tutoring with Ascend Now, your Ascend Now IB Math AI tutor can guide you through your whole studying plan and tell you exactly when to use your limited supply of past papers.

How can I get additional practice?

For casual studying and additional practice, you can use Question Banks and Mock Tests. Here at Ascend Now, we provide high-quality Question Banks and Mock Tests for all of our tutoring students.

How do I study for the IB Math AI exam?

First, learn the fundamental ideas behind the IB Math course’s core topics. Attend class lectures and complete assignments. After that, practice solving the questions. Evaluate yourself from past papers and question banks. Regularly review your progress and take note of your mistakes.

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