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The IBDP Tutoring Program Your Child Needs

Ascend Now’s IBDP tutoring program is the only thing your child needs to excel at academics. With Ascend Now, your child will get an opportunity to work with real IB examiners who have years of experience teaching and grading students. With our especially curated 1:1 online personalized learning programs, 87% of our students were able to score 35+ in their IBDP final exams. What’s more, more than 90% of our students achieved a perfect 7 in at least 1 subject in 2023 alone!

The right academic support can help your child score a perfect grade. Ascend Now expert IBDP tutors work individually with each student to strengthen their fundamentals, help them gain confidence before exams, and even help them develop a liking towards the subject. Students get the opportunity to immerse themselves in, and engage with a progressive and international curriculum.

Why Choose Ascend Now?

Here at Ascend Now, we cover all 6 subject groups of the IBDP. As a globally accredited curriculum, the IBDP offers Higher Level and Standard Level subjects along with excelling at the core requirements which include an extended essay, theory of knowledge, and CAS (creativity, activity, service).

  • IB SL (Standard Level) – The students choose a subject from 6 subject groups and must pass the internal as well as external assessments
  • IB HL (Higher Level) – The curriculum is similar to that of SL, however, the higher-level examinations are more rigorous and challenging than the SL

The Core Requirements for IBDP Qualification are as follows:

  • Extended Essay – The students are required to present a research essay of up to 4,000 words in one of the subjects from a list of approved EE subjects
  • Theory of Knowledge – The students are introduced to the concept of nature and the limitations of Knowledge. The students are required to submit an essay of up to 1,600 words (external assessment) and a presentation (internal assessment) on a topic of the student’s choice.
  • Creativity, activity, and service (CAS) – The students are required to participate in creative, physical, and social activities for their personal growth and development.

To truly unlock a student’s potential and help achieve the pinnacle of academic success, mentors and coaches specifically focus each child’s strengths and weaknesses through personalized IBDP tutoring.

The Ascend Now approach involves expert IB tutors specifically identifying each student’s weaknesses early on through custom practice exams and exercises so that students, along with the coaches, can create a structure to achieve their grade goals, while being mindful of their learning styles and preferences. Coaches at Ascend Now focus on helping students develop an advantage vis-a-vis their academic, emotional, and social character building.

IBDP tutoring at Ascend Now emphasizes students achieving stronger grades, vying for endless possibilities, and imbibing lifelong learning.

The Benefits of Ascend Now’s IBDP Tutoring

Ascend Now coaches use a blended teaching style where they incorporate relevant examples to make the class engaging, administer practice tests regularly, and create a safe learning environment that gives the students confidence to be curious and ask questions.

With Ascend Now, students develop the confidence of handling workload, and can move at a good pace and density to absorb IB-level subjects.

We help students with –

  • Student Assessment & Matching: Coordinators at Ascend Now have discussions with students and their parents in order to become their performance coaches. They identify the needs, expectations, and goals and match the student with the right educator who will be able to build a good working relationship and suit the student’s learning style.
  • 1-1 coaching with industry experts: Our expert IB tutors have a plethora of experience teaching in some of the best international schools for multiple years and some even ascending to the top, heading their respective departments.
  • Personalized Learning: Our personalized one-to-one programs ensure that students can grasp concepts and score a perfect 7 in the IBDP.
  • Flexible Schedule: Our mentors create flexible schedules to accommodate each child’s personal and educational commitments so each student can easily distribute time and attention to each of the 6 subject groups taught in the IBDP.
  • Demo Class: We always have a demo session with a coach so the students can decide if they experienced a connection with the coach and want to continue learning from them. Ensuring this student-educator relationship is solid is necessary to create the right learning environment.
  • Experiential Learning: Our expert IB tutors emphasize experiential learning and explain topics with the help of real examples and case studies. For the IBDP, educators focus on examining topics of a student’s interest to help them ace the extended essay, explore the theory of knowledge across various disciplines, and encourage children to be involved with and participate in community service, arts, and sports.

At Ascend Now, our coaches work tirelessly to focus beyond IBDP success, to ensure students improve their academic, emotional and social skills. The primary goal of each of the coaches is to help students flourish and surpass their own academic expectations while fostering their reasoning and aptitude. In this process, students also gain self-confidence and are left inspired to do more.

IBDP Course Structure

Ascend Now expert IB tutors help students strive for a perfect IBDP score across the following subject disciplines –

  • Group 1: Language A (English Literature)
  • Group 2: Language B (Hindi, French/ Spanish)
  • Group 3: Business Management, Economics, History, Geography, Environmental Systems & Societies
  • Group 4: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Systems & Societies, Computer Science
  • Group 5: Mathematics (Analysis, Approaches, Applications & Interpretation)
  • Group 6: Visual Arts

An excellent IBDP score can set your child’s career trajectory on the right path of success. Get started today!


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