IB Physics IA: 3 Important Tips For A Good Grade (Updated 2021)

IBDP > IB Physics IA: 3 Important Tips For A Good Grade (Updated 2021)

By Jola Shenouda > LAST MODIFIED DATE: 19 September 2023 > In IBDP

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Ah, the IB Physics IA. Just hearing those three words might send shivers down your spine. But fear not, brave IB students! We’re here to guide you through the treacherous journey of your Physics Internal Assessment (IA) and help you secure that coveted 7. So grab your lab coat, put on your safety goggles, and let’s dive into the exciting world of IB Physics!

Tip 1: Coming Up With A Topic That Sparks Your Curiosity

Choosing the right topic for your Physics IA is like finding the perfect equation to describe the universe. It should be something that piques your interest and ignites your scientific curiosity. Remember, this is your chance to explore the fascinating realms of physics and showcase your analytical skills.

The key is to select a topic that allows you to gather both primary and secondary data. Look for areas where you can conduct experiments and collect tangible data. Experiment-based topics provide a deeper understanding of concepts and offer more room for human error, which can be discussed in your investigation.

On the other hand, simulation-based topics can delve into more complex phenomena and yield precise data. While the data might be recorded by software, it’s essential to acknowledge the limitations and discuss potential errors and uncertainties in your IA.

Tip 2: Having The Right Inspiration

The universe is vast and filled with intriguing problems waiting to be solved. IB encourages students to address relevant world issues in their IAs, so why not let your IA be the scientific superhero that tackles a global problem?

To find inspiration, think about the topics that resonate with you the most. Consider real-world problems and brainstorm how physics can contribute to their solutions. For example, if you’re passionate about thermal physics, you could explore the concept of specific heat capacity in the context of global warming and the melting glaciers.

Remember, your IA’s introduction sets the stage for your scientific exploration. So, aim to captivate your readers with a compelling problem statement that showcases the significance of your research. However, always keep in mind the available resources so as to find a problem statement that is as much feasible as it is compelling.

Tip 3: Putting It All Together – Designing Your Experiment

Now that you have your topic and inspiration, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and design your experiment. This is where the magic happens! Choose an experiment that aligns with your topic and allows you to gather the necessary data to prove or disprove your hypothesis.

For instance, if you’re analyzing the rate of change of vaporization of water depending on the surface area, set up a simple experiment involving water, a heat source, and precise time measurements. Apply concepts of Thermal Physics to gather data and draw meaningful conclusions.

If you’re investigating the harmonic series based on various string instruments, tap into the world of Waves. Explore the damping effect and its correlation with load distribution in tall structures, inspired by real-life situations like earthquakes.

Remember, the key to a successful experiment is accuracy, attention to detail, and robust data collection methods. Oh, and don’t forget to have fun along the way!


Congratulations, mighty IB physics warriors! You’ve braved the stormy seas of IB Physics IA, armed with these three important tips. Remember, choosing the right topic, finding inspiration in real-world problems, and designing a well-executed experiment are the pillars of success.

So, go forth and embrace the world of physics with enthusiasm and curiosity. Unleash your inner Einstein and let your IA shine like a supernova in the night sky. And if you ever stumble upon obstacles, know that Ascend Now is your trusty companion, ready to offer guidance and resources to help you conquer the IB mountain.


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