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Our Passion Project Program

In this course, students will take their passion/interest and, through the Design Thinking process, decide on a project, establish goals, and build a productive timeline to pursue their idea. Whether its starting an organization, creating a product, producing music, writing a research paper or raising awareness for a pressing issue, students will learn the art of project planning and execution.

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Tangible Outcomes

Case Study
Students will get their own Case Study, showcasing their process from beginning to end result.

Project Plan and
Timeline for Goals
Students set specific and timely goals, and determine a feasible timeline.

Build a Website
to Show your Work
Students buld their own website to showcase their work to the world.
Our Passion Project Program Curriculm



Launch your Passion Project

Reach a wider audience while presenting your project to potential investors and philanthropists. Write an article to raise awareness and create your own PR in the process. Boost your college profile by showing schools you’ve got what it takes to make a real impact in the world.

What is Unique about our Passion Project Programs?
Tangible Outcomes
Custom Projects
Beginner Friendly
Competitive Advantage
Amazing Opportunities
Tangible Outcomes
Custom Projects
Beginner Friendly
Competitive Advantage
Meet Some of Our Passion Project Educators

Our Passion Project Educators are experts at creating and executing projects. With businesses and non-profits of their own, they are the perfect coaches to help your child achieve their wildest dreams. We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand our student’s interests and leverage their skills.

2+ year of experience teaching
Passion Project

2+ years of experience teaching
Passion Project

2+ years of experience teaching
Passion Project

1+ years of experience teaching
Passiono Project
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