Ace the IB exams with customized 1:1 tutoring with top IB examiners

Help your student take on the IB DP confidently, with curated one-on-one tutoring with real IB examiners. Go beyond rote learning, and develop long-term knowledge, deep understanding and an interest in IB subjects. With Ascend Now:

  • check-new Get help with the IA, EE, assignments and exam preparation
  • check-new Work with experienced IB examiners and senior educators
  • check-new Get a tailored program for your child’s strengths and weaknesses
  • check-new See real results: 87% of students score at least 36/45 on IBDP exams
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The Results Are In

The numbers speak for themselves. Across the board, Ascend Now students score
higher than average on IBDP exams.

  • 39.1/45

    Ascend Now IB Average Score

    Vs. 30.2/45 global IB Average Score

  • 98%

    of Ascend Now students

    Improved more than 20% overall

  • 91%

    Achieved a perfect 7/7

    In at least one IB subject

  • 89%

    Students see grade improvements

    In just as short as 4 weeks

The Ascend Now Advantage

Where personalized IB learning meets certified IB examiners to bring real learning
advantages to students.


Tailored IB Learning Experience

Take a learning journey where online learning is uniquely crafted according to the strengths, goals, and needs of each individual student. With personalized tutoring, See performance improvements in as short as 4 weeks.


Profile Analysis

We conduct a learning analysis assessment that helps us understand your child’s preferential learning method. We then do baseline subject tests to understand their problem areas and match them to the right-fit educator.


Experienced IB Examiners

We have 140+ IB Educators around the world. Each of our educators are either senior teachers in international schools, IB Examiners or Head of Departments. They are trained in Ascend Now’s engaging online learning methods.


Flexible IB Support

Every student is unique. Whether you need intensive IB DP tutoring to catch up, or you need support only during exam times and major assignment submission, our program is flexible to meet your specific needs.


Performance Coaches

Success in the IB is more than content knowledge. Your child needs motivation, accountability and someone to help them manage their time and tasks. We assign a performance coach to every family to ensure IB success.

A closer look at how we can help
you get that perfect 45!

Our experienced IB Examiners and Performance coaches can
help in a variety of ways.

Subject Expertise

High-dose Tutoring

Focus on specific topics and units that your child struggles with to see rapid initial increase in grades.

Practice Exams and Tests

We have custom practice problem sets and tests that students take alongside their sessions. This helps deal with exam pressure and understand the IB DP rubric and scoring system better.

Personalized lesson/revision notes

Students get access to guides, books and notes that our IB Examiners use so they have the most important points available as they prepare for exams.


IA/EE/Assignment Review

Our IB educators can have a look at your first draft for the IA or EE and give you additional directions on how to improve it so you can meet the requirements to get a perfect score.

Assignment research and structure

Our examiners will help students ideate and outline their assignments so they have a solid starting point and spend less time getting to the final draft.

Assignment Accountability

Our performance coaches will ensure that your child is up to date on all their assignments and required submissions through reminders and check-ins

Exam Techinque

Study Techniques

Our performance coaches will help students understand various note-taking and study taking skills to improve the rate at which they are learning.

Time and Task Management

Performance coaches will help student schedule out their study sessions, homework sessions and assignments to ensure they never miss a single item and have enough time for all subjects.

Motivation and Stress Management

All our team members are trained on how to support students and engage them so they feel calm, confident and ready to take on the IB.

Meet Our IBDP Educators

Students will benefit from years of IB educator experience.


Mohseena HUssain

22+ years of experience as an IBDP English Lang Lit Examiner and Head of Department



10+ years of experience as an IBDP Economics & Business Examiner and Tutor


Gary Hentz

14+ years of experience as a TOK and EE Coordinator and Global Politics Examiner



23+ years of experience as an IB DP World History Examiner and Educator.

Tutoring students from world-class schools

Students will benefit from years of IB educator experience.


Happy Students = Happy Parents!

See how Ascend Now has changed the way students learn around the world.


Thank you to Ascend Now. I am so grateful to see my son's huge transformations academically.

I feel extremely comfortable and at ease knowing that my child is in good hands. Ascend Now has been extremely trustworthy, flexible, and their teachers care




While looking for a little academic support for my 17-year-old, it became clear that what he sought was not just a tutor, but teachers who would empower him with skills that would help navigate the IB and also manager his time better.

That’s exactly what we found with the team at Ascend Now.




Please thank all my daughter's tutors. She is enormously grateful for all of their help and we have no doubt it will be clearly evident once the results come out.

The truth is, my daughter was struggling, her grades were weak and we knew she needed help.




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