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Ace the SAT with SAT Tutors Online

Ascend Now’s personalized tutoring and high-impact curriculum design are what your child needs to achieve success with their SATs. At Ascend Now, we believe that each child has unique abilities and skills and it is important for a coach or mentor to understand their learning needs. Your child will be connected to the right mentors and coaches who have years of experience in SAT tutoring. We flourish when your child flourishes. Our specially curated 1:1 online personalized learning programs have helped over 35% of our students be part of the top 10% of SAT takers, making their overall application highly competitive, to get into the world’s best schools.

The right SAT tutoring prep and support can help your child score an excellent grade. Ascend Now coaches help students prepare for the SAT uniquely and holistically which allows them to tackle SAT questions, strengthen their core concepts, and gain confidence to handle exam pressure. Students get the opportunity to identify and overcome personal challenges with the help of our coaches and mentors.

Why Choose Ascend Now?

Here at Ascend Now, we cover all 3 sections of the SAT. As a globally accredited curriculum, the SAT comprises Math, Evidence-based reading, and Writing. In addition, the SAT has an optional essay. Each section of the SAT requires preparation from general subject areas that include English, Mathematics, History, Science and Languages.

To help a student unlock their potential and achieve the pinnacle of academic success, mentors and coaches pay close attention to each child’s strengths and weaknesses through personalized SAT tutoring.

At Ascend Now, coaches take time to understand each child’s weak areas through custom practice exams and exercises. This allows coaches to work with the students to create a structure that can help them achieve their goals while being cognizant of the child’s learning style. Coaches at Ascend Now focus on helping a child develop a competitive academic, emotional, and social edge. 

SAT tutors online at Ascend Now emphasize that students achieve an excellent score or a point increase, while simultaneously preparing not just for the SAT, but in a way that benefits them lifelong.

Benefits of Ascend Now’s SAT Tutoring

Ascend Now coaches use a comprehensive teaching style where relevant examples are incorporated to create a challenging and engaging class. Coaches regularly administer practice tests and ensure that each child has access to a safe learning environment where curiosity is encouraged.

Ascend Now teaches students to develop the confidence associated with handling exam pressure and study workload through personalized teaching styles which help improve a student’s motivation.

We help students with –

  • Student Assessment & Matching: Coordinators at Ascend Now engage in discussions with both students and their parents. This allows them to identify each student’s specific needs, expectations, and goals, and match the student with the right educator that can suit the student’s learning style. 
  • 1-1 coaching with industry experts: Our educators have a plethora of experience teaching in some of the best international schools for multiple years and some even ascending to the top, heading their respective departments.
  • Personalized Learning: Our personalized one-to-one programs ensure that students can grasp concepts and score high on the SAT.
  • Flexible Schedule: Our mentors create flexible schedules which accommodate each child’s personal and educational commitments. This allows the child to easily distribute time and attention, and do well in each of the 3 areas of the SAT.
  • Demo Class: We always have a demo session with a coach so the students can decide if they experienced a connection with the coach, and want to continue learning from them. We believe that ensuring a strong student-educator relationship is necessary to create the right learning environment.
  • Experiential Learning: Educators emphasize experiential learning; they explain topics using relevant examples and case studies. For the SAT, educators examine each student’s areas of interest, which allows them to also ace the optional essay, in addition to building a foundational knowledge base.

SAT Course Structure

Ascend Now tutors help students strive for a perfect SAT score across the following subject areas –

  • Reading
  • Writing & Language
  • Mathematics (No Calculator)
  • Mathematics (Calculator)
  • Essay (Optional)

The above subject areas include multiple-choice questions determined from across English, History, Languages, Mathematics, and Science.

An excellent SAT score can help your child nurture lifelong confidence and secure a successful future. Get started today.


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