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Take a look at our blog, from in depth research analysis on education to short snippets on how to improve your learning experience.

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Student Opportunities

Browse through our student opportunities from writing to podcasting we're giving you the chance to challenge yourself and learn something new.

Grow as a journalist and editor

Student Voices is a magazine by Ascend Now students for students around the globe.

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Embrace the art of making podcasts

The Playground is a podcast created by Ascend Now and hosted by Ascend Now Students. In this monthly series, our students interview their heroes, learn about their lives, and discover what inspires them to get up every morning.

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Express yourself in writing

Young writers manifest their thoughts in "Our Voice" as they strive to add their voices to the world community.

Challenge your hypotheses

The Lense is an open access academic journal dedicated to providing a platform for young researchers to share their work and ideas.

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Get ready for your future

Catalyst is our internship database, curated for your needs and academic endeavors.

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Expand your Creativity

Ascend Now has partnered with Blooming Twig, a prize-winning book publisher specializing in books that make an impact.

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