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Our Urban Sustainability Program

This course draws on the UNSDG #11: "Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable". We help students develop innovative solutions for both global urbanization and sustainability challenges. Students will be introduced to the concepts of non-profits, Corporate Social Responsibility, and fundraising.

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Students Working on
Sustainability Projects






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Tangible Outcomes

Case Study
To bring the real world into the classroom, students will analyze what others have done and are doing to further brainstorm.

Students present their ideas to experts in the field to receive feedback.

Launch your
Students launch a campaign to help solve an environmental challenge.
Our Urban Sustainability Program Curriculum



Become a
Learning Planet
Youth Fellow

Students have the chance to apply and showcase their work on the Learning Planet platform. Where they will interact with kids all over the world.

What is Unique about our Urban Sustainability Programs?
Tangible Outcomes
Custom Projects
Beginner Friendly
Competitive Advantage
Unique Opportunities
Tangible Outcomes
Custom Projects
Beginner Friendly
Competitive Advantage
Meet Some of Our Urban Sustainability Educators

From learning about the city to creating sustainable impact, our educators connect with students to understand their passions and help them turn them into real world solutions. Their focus is to encourage students to act on a local or global scale.

20+ years of experience in
Eco-Management and Environmental Audit

10+ years of experience teaching
Geography and Environmental Science

10+ years of experience in
Geography and Wildlife Management

5+ years of experience teaching
Environment Management
Here’s What Parents Have to Say

Prepare Your Child to Think Sustainably

Ascend Now’s Sustainability Course gives children the opportunity to develop a mindset to think holistically and create a wider impact in society. We create a safe and comfortable one-to-one learning environment that allows students to share their experiences, brainstorm new ideas and execute exciting projects that make their community sustainable.

Educating children about sustainability at a young age is vital because children have an innate flexibility when it comes to their actions and beliefs. The first step is information. Children can’t make an informed decision without the information! Once they’ve learned about globally accepted sustainability principles around the world, it is time for them to decide how they are going to contribute.

This could be through an awareness campaign, tree-planting initiative, recycling project and many more. Giving them a tangible goal to work towards will empower them, motivate them and look fantastic on a college application. Our goal with the sustainability program is to instill passion in students towards the environment and make them ambassadors to further influence the people around them.

Benefit of Ascend Now's Sustainability Program

The curriculum of the Sustainability Course for Kids at Ascend Now is highly intensive. After the initial few sessions, students will brainstorm their capstone project and start putting together timelines, milestones and a small budget to achieve their goals. Through this process they learn fundamental skills such as proactivity, critical thinking and communication. 

The program deals with waste, energy, eco-friendly consumption, empowerment and awareness.

Through the program, students will gain access to –

  • 1-1 coaching with industry experts: Coaches who understand the objectives of both parents and students and are experts at guiding students in their execution of sustainability projects. The coach plays the role of a mentor, collaborator, educator and partner.
  • 5-phase course:  Through the process of executing their capstone project, students will delve deeper into business centric topics, improve their digital literacy and learn to build mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • Personalized Learning: Every student is different. Our educators and coordinators will create a unique curriculum based on the learning goals and our educators will adopt a suitable learning style that will help your child achieve significantly higher impact through their capstone project.
  • Flexible Schedule: We know our students are juggling a hundred different activities. Our educators are flexible enough to work with your child’s hectic schedules.

We at Ascend Now, know that the students we mentor today, will determine the future of our planet tomorrow. To establish eco-innovation within society, students should factor in the principles of sustainable thinking as a lifestyle choice. This will allow them to be more self-aware, independent thinkers who can shoulder the responsibility of making the world a greener planet. An investment into sustainability today will pay a lifetime of dividends.

Foster Balance By Giving Your Children Sustainable Life Skills

Sustainability training at Ascend Now encourages kids to think about their relationship with the planet. It helps them develop skills and habits that are eco-friendly. This mindset change can have a profound impact on the decisions they will take throughout their life.


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