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Embarking on the journey toward higher education can be daunting and overwhelming, with many options and pathways available. But with our expert guidance and support, our leading college counseling service is dedicated to helping students like you unlock the doors to their dream university and career.

The Importance of College Counseling

College counseling is crucial for a student's success in higher education, as college counselors can provide guidance on college admissions, financial aid, the best college match for you and scholarship opportunities.

Ascend Now Offers:
  • Personalized profiling and resume building pathway (internships, start-ups, publishing of written works, TEDx talks)
  • Assessment for academic and beyond performance
  • Personality assessment
  • Develop a comprehensive plan and timeline to realize your dream university goals

The approach is tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, with a focus on developing authentic profiles and unique applications. Let us help you find the right college or university that fits your academic and personal career goals.

Why Choose Ascend Now?


Offers to Oxbridge
and Ivy Leagues


Student got into one
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Study and Resume Plans


Projects Started

How can Ascend Now Help You Get into Your Dream College?
College Admissions

Our expert college counselors will guide you through the college admissions process


We provide personalized feedback on your college application essays


We offer customized test prep services for the SAT, ACT, IELTS and TOEFL to help you achieve your best possible score

Interview Prep

Get insight into how to make a lasting impression on your college interviews

Financial Aid Assistance

We help you navigate the complex world of financial aid and scholarship opportunities


We help design attractive and unique profiles with strong extracurriculars and activities

Our Unique Profiling Service

We provide a personalized approach to the college admissions process that is tailored to each student's unique skills and abilities.

By working closely with our expert advisors, students can create outstanding activities from entrepreneurship projects to writing academic research papers that showcase their creativity, innovation, and leadership skills.

How We Support Your Journey

With a myriad students whom we have helped to step into top US and UK universities,
let us guide you and provide insider tips to make your dream a reality.

Receive a personalized plan

Your personalized plan is designed by college counselors, with a comprehensive approach that covers everything from explaining the syllabus to practicing exam techniques.

Make your mark

Learn how to make a lasting impression, understand what Admission Officers consider in your application, and prepare for your interviews.

Develop your writing

Learn techniques for engaging and captivating writing through one-on-one writing sessions, webinars and workshops.

Stand out

Learn to highlight your unique qualities and character. Take the IP Baseline Assessments to measure your progress, current knowledge and skills.

Improve your profile

Enrich your activities list from writing an academic research paper to launching projects under our guidance. We offer 20+ Beyond Academic programs from leadership to investing and finance that serve you well beyond your years.
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Meet Some of Our College Counselors

Our college counselors are experts in their fields, they understand the needs of their students, adapt mentorship sessions to their learning styles and help them achieve their goals.

6+ years of experience as an
Educator & College Advisor

4+ years of experience as an
Educator & College Advisor

7+ years of experience as an
Educator & College Advisor

4+ years of experience as an
Educator & College Advisor

You can also be among this list!

We believe in a personalized and authentic approach to designing college
profiles that showcase your story and experience.

We help you highlight your leadership skills and accomplishments, and guide you to bring your unique perspective and voice into your essays.

Among the thousands of applicants, you have a story to tell, and we believe by being true to yourself, you can craft a narrative that adds value to any university and opens doors to limitless opportunities for your future!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you succeed!


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