TOK will blow your mind, but potentially, it could help you unlock thought patterns that you didn’t know existed! Dive into the fascinating world of TOK with our webinar: “Decoding Reality: Navigating the World of Theory of Knowledge”.

A few examples sprinkled in here, a chance to try out some tricks there; this webinar promises to engage you and bring TOK to you instead of simply lecturing about it.

Our expert speakers will guide you through the entire TOK curriculum, from the nature of knowledge to the ways in which we acquire it to the role of language and culture in shaping our understanding of the world. You’ll learn the strategies and tactics that top students use to excel in TOK, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions to folks who live, breathe and eat TOK.

It’s time you got to feel empowered, enlightened, and ready to take on the world. Sign up now for the “Decoding Reality: Navigating the World of Theory of Knowledge” webinar. See you there!


  • Choosing the prompt
  • Forming your research question
  • The quintessential exhibition
  • Placing it in context
  • Speakers

    Arshiya Bari

    Arshiya Bari

    IBDP & TOK Facilitator @ Oakridge International School
    Arshiya brings a wealth of experience to the team and has been more than willing to share her experience with her peers! She is passionate about psychology and conveys her ideas succinctly and clearly to her learners; her pure energy for teaching drives learners forward.
    Urska Anumanchi

    Urska Anumanchi

    HOD Eng. MYP/DP Language & Literature and IB Examiner for TOK @ Sreenidhi International School
    Urska believes that learning can never stop. She builds a sense of curiosity in her students and encourages them to pursue learning in every, small and big way. She is an excellent listener who desires to bring out the best in her students. Her open-minded approach makes her classrooms an interactive place wherein students believe it's a safe place to share and be themselves.
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