Summer time. Everybody’s favorite time of year, right? At this point, you can kick off your shoes, relax, and take out that bucketlist you’ve been preparing during the tedious academic year. 

In this article, there will be a strong focus on one activity that should be embedded on everyone’s list, and that’s reading! Nothing beats losing yourself in a good book, whether you’re relaxing on the beach or just spending a peaceful afternoon in the backyard. Essentially, reading throughout the summer isn’t simply an enjoyable activity; it’s also a crucial way to keep your mind active and your abilities sharp. However, it could be hard to stay motivated and pay attention as you’d want to check off other activities as well. But if you employ the right strategy, you may breeze through your summer reading and have a ton of fun while doing it! Here are some suggestions to make the most out of it:

1) Set a goal

Decide on how many books you want to read this summer as your first step. You’ll be more motivated and attentive to your reading if you do this. Note that it’s crucial to make your goal realistic and attainable so that you can feel inspired and accomplished once you achieve it! I know that I read like a sloth so I set my goal related to my own plodding rate!

2) Assemble a Reading List

Compiling a reading list may be enjoyable and gratifying. There are different approaches to list-making, but it’s important to start with your interests and objectives. Finding new books by writers you adore is one strategy. For ideas, you may also go through reviewers’ lists on websites like Goodreads or Book Riot. 

3) Participate in a summer reading program

Taking part in a summer reading program is a fantastic way to stay active and educated throughout the summer. Numerous choices are accessible, including the services provided by Scholastic, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and public libraries. These programs frequently include prizes or free books as reading incentives, which might inspire you to read more. In addition to the prizes, summer reading programs include a variety of advantages, such as enhancing vocabulary, reading comprehension, and nurturing a love of literature. They also provide families a pleasant and instructive activity to perform together. So basically, participating in a summer reading program is the ideal way to keep reading and learning all summer long, whether it be through a real-world or online program.

4) Form the habit of reading

Allocate a certain period of time each day for reading. “Setting​​ aside 20-30 minutes​​ of reading time​​ each day can​​ you make​​ a regular commitment​​ to enjoying your favorite books”(Learning Loft, 2017)​​. This will enable you to create a habit and incorporate reading into your day-to-day activities.

5) Take your reading outside

A great approach to appreciating literature and the beauty of nature is to read outside. The perks of reading outside are numerous, and one of them is that you will be more engaged with the book as outdoor reading gives you more energy and attention (Scottish Book Trust, 2022). Reading outside may also result in lifelong memories since being in an environment full of nature can get you entwined with the narrative and help you make connections (Scottish Book Trust, 2022).

One final tip: Don’t be afraid to change up your reading selection by including works from other genres and literary traditions. This will keep the reading you do interesting and new.

And there you have it! These suggestions can help you complete your summer reading easily and even enjoyably. So purchase your books, settle in, and start reading! As with all goals, it’s more effective when you have it visible every day and if someone else knows what you’d like to accomplish. Of course, you can hold yourself accountable but when there’s someone else who’s in the loop they can hold you accountable too!

Happy reading!